Are Women Better at Sales Than Men?

I’ve always focused on the idea that if women are AS GOOD as men in professional selling, why isn’t half of our sales workforce made up of women? Instead, women are underrepresented not just at the entry level of selling, but at every level. The higher you go up the career ladder, the fewer women you find. We do like to amplify the data that is out there, though.

Gong shared some of their conversation intelligence data on March 17, 2021.

Women outperform men in two important areas:

Achieving quota (source: Xactly Insights)

  • Women achieve 8% higher quota attainment than men.
  • On average, 78% of men achieve quota and 86% of women achieve quota.

Leading teams to quota (source: Xactly report)

  • Women-led teams have higher win and quota attainment rates, at 94%, compared to teams led by men, at 91%.

How are they doing it?

They’re using one key differentiator: listening.

Devin Reed at Gong continued:

We analyzed 103,790 B2B sales calls to see if women and men sales pros differ. My goal was to understand what all salespeople could learn from those differences.

One glaring stat popped out immediately:

Women listen 16% more than men.You can read the entire post here. Thanks to Gong for this data. We look forward to more, and will share it as we find it.